The Boy Dilemma

Being the parents of a 14 year old girl and now dealing with boys has created some crazy moments between us and our daughter.

While we want to trust her, she has yet to earn our trust.

Rule #1: If a boy asks you to be his girlfriend, you must talk with us first prior to saying “Yes”.

That’s the only rule we have; however, she has violated that rule twice now, so it is difficult to trust her when she cannot follow one simple rule. We are not trying to rule her life, we are just trying to say; “Before saying Yes to any boy, you must come talk with us, so that we can discuss it”. Simple rule; however, this seems to be difficult to follow.

Now this weekend, she has a birthday party to attend and we know she is working with one of her friends to invite this boy that she likes. Don’t ask how do we know, that topic will come later; however, she is trying to be sneaky and we are not sure how to respond to knowing this information. We spoke to the parent of the girl whose birthday party she is going to and the mother told us that no boys were being invited, so we have verified that our daughter is trying to be sneaky in getting this boy to attend that she likes. The party is being held at trampoline place and no parents will be in attendance.

We have thought about several of our options;

  1. Tell her that we know about inviting this boy and not let her go.
  2. Pick her up early from the party to catch her and the boy.
  3. Do nothing and let her get away with it.

So what do we do here? What other options can you think of?


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