The Phone Dilemma

Don’t get me started on our Daughter and the use of her cell phone. As stated before, she is 14 and being rebellious as she has been has caused some discussions surrounding her phone and the amount of time she is on the phone.

I cannot tell you how much our daughter has her head into her phone; whether it is texting, phone calls, or just watching videos on YouTube. Maybe some of you can relate to this issue. 🙂

When she gets deep into her phone, everything seems to be affected by it. She ignores her homework, chores, or anything else around her. We have done the normal things like take her phone away, and that seems to work for a while, until we give her the phone back, then she slips back into the same old routines.

The problem with taking her phone away, is that her phone is a critical component of our being able to communicate with her during the day, after school, or anytime she is out whether at church or at someone’s house. Taking her phone away ultimately punishes us, because we need to be able to communicate with her. It makes is difficult to leave her at the house alone without a phone.

She is no longer able to use her phone in her bedroom or anywhere in the back of the house for various reasons. She must keep her phone in the living room at all times, and her phone charges in the kitchen where we have full access to it whenever we need it. Will discuss at a later time, why the phone cannot be in the back area of the house. Yikes, that was a horrifying adventure.

What do we do as parents to try and curb the behavior change when she has her phone?


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